project synopsis

The world premiere of a multi-media supported lecture entitled: Glass History, why should we care?, presented by Boris Chasin was held at the Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 30, 2006 at 6:30 P.M. (180 people attended)

The contribution that glass has made to our present civilization and previous ones is without parallel in the material universe. It’s emotional, spiritual and cultural effect on humans has been powerful, yet not often discussed.

The fascinating story of glass is told in a unique, non-linear fashion illustrating how glass affected human emotions and spirituality through the ages. The relationship that glass has had in the human experience is explored and questions regarding its’ trajectory are exposed.

The lecture is approximately 80 minutes long supported by over 200 images.

Boris Chasin has been in the art glass business for almost a quarter century. As well as being the founder and owner of a long-standing glass shop that produces elegant finished goods, he has been involved in numerous commissions and has produced countless art glass pieces. He has also taught for many years and is a much sought after instructor.

Glass history and how it relates to humanity has been his not so secret passion for a long time and he has been working on this project in various forms since 1994.