comments & critiques

” … That pleasure was significantly enhanced by my having had the wonderful opportunity of hearing you in Las Vegas last Thursday …”
-Senator Yoine Goldstein

“One of the most enlightening presentations on glass history in recent memory.”
Joe Porcelli, publisher Glass Craftsman Magazine

“One word sums it up … fascinating.”
-Mike Kelly, Evenheat kilns

“Your lecture was excellent, very informative and moving from one era to the next kept my interest in the lecture. Thanks again for a most enjoyable evening.”
Carole Wardell, Wardell publications

“… A splendid presentation. Not to be missed. Mr. Chasin examins his subject with the eye of a scholar, and the heart of an artist. Anybody who shares a passion for Glass will be spellbound.”
-Peter McGrain

“Boris Chasin’s History of Glass, why should we care? is a dynamic array of visual imagery combined with a lecture that is an enticing trip through time.”
Anthony Glander

“New this year were two very exciting events … In addition was the premiere of Boris Chasin’s outstanding lecture and video presentation, “Glass History, Why Should We Care?”Right out of the box, Boris’ presentation was a resounding success, packing over one hundred and seventy five people into a South Coast mini theater set up especially for the event. Boris’ thrilled the audience with the beauty and grandeur of some of the world’s most beautiful glass while tracing its history via an expertly delivered, thought provoking format. It was the first offering of its kind for the Expo audience, and they expressed their interest and appreciation with their overwhelming ovation.”
Joe Porcelli, publisher Glass Craftsman Magazine, issue #196 Jun/Jul 2006